Saturday, August 15, 2015

What's my take away from the background of Ephesians?

Six  take-aways from reading Acts 19:1-20:1 and Revelation 2:1-7 are:

* Some people readily receive the truth
               Oh Father, may I always be open to Your truth.  Help me not be so caught up in my agenda that I miss You.

* Paul invested time in people
             Father, who do you want me to invest in?  Obviously my sons; show me how You want me to be investing in them. Prayer; encouraging emails & conversations.  Please show me if there's anything more.  Also, Father, show me if there's anyone else You want me to invest in.  I know that the new DOR at work seeks out my mentoring; please show me how to be effective with him as well as the main receptionist with whom I work closely.  Show me if there's anyone else You want me to Invest in.

* Powerful encounters with God can be harmed by rumors
              Father, may I be very careful regarding my words. Please keep a guard on my lips. By your mighty power at work in me, may I refrain from spreading gossip.

* God values tenacity
             Father, keep me strong by the work of Your Holy Spirit in me.  Help me to be diligent and tenacious.   

* God values a heart that hates evil
              Oh Father, don't let me be a hater but make me a lover of You and what is good.  Help me to hate evil itself, not people.     

* God requires that we love Him first, above all else.
             Oh Father, heal my divided heart.  Empower me by Your Holy Spirit to love you above all else.  Grow in me a passion for You.  I can't do this on my own; I'm just too selfish and You know that God.

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